5 things to consider before buying a water filter

Are you trying to buy a water filter but don't know where to start from? The market is flooded with different water filter from various brand with different features. Finding the right one is very important to maintain the quality of your water at home. However, the fancy features vendors telling you can overwhelm you.
Here we provide 5 thing you can look for before buying a water filter:

1. Purification process and technology

First things to consider is the purification process and technology of water filter. Technology used in your purification will affect the quality and cleanness of your water. No matter which brand you are looking for, they will usually offer you the option of water pitcher, built-in water filter, tap water filter and reverse osmosis water filter. These different water filter have various price range and functions. 

2. Removal of contaminants

The main reason people are buying a water filter is because the worries of contaminants in your water. Water coming out of tap water contains impurities that can affect your health. For example, bacteria and virus and cause many kinds of infections. If there is too much salt in your water, it can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease in a long term. Lead can cause kidney disease and nerve pain.  To know what contaminants your water contain, you can send your water to a certificated lab to get tested. Activated carbon can remove chlorides and TCE and insecticide from water; but if want to remove bacteria, virus, sodium and heavy metal, you should consider a reverse osmosis system.
3. Filtration rate

Filtration rate is something people often neglect when choosing a water filter. However, if daily usage of water exceed the maximize of your water filter filtration rate, some part of the water come out of water filter will still be contaminated. Remember to analyse average daily consumption of water in your family. If daily consumption in your household is high, you will require a higher output rate model that can effectively filter a large supply of water. If it is low, you can choose a smaller water filter. If it is difficult to calculate the consumption of water in your household, you can take the numbers of people as an reference. Water pitcher is suitable for family with one or two people. If your house lived more than three people, you can go for a normal water filter. All in all, the output of water from your water filter should not be less than your daily water consumption.

4. Your Budget

Once you know your budget you can search for the water filter that fits your bill. A good water filter can cost a lot. But remember that the water purifier is a long time investment and it affect your health in a long tern. Water is an essential part of our daily life. Human body is consist of approximately 60% of water, so it is always recommended to go for a high-quality brand. 

5. Installation and maintenance

After you buy a water filter, cartridges in your water filter usually have to change several times a year. Depending on their types, water filters have different maintenance requirements. Some water filter comes with indicators to tell you if it is time to replace our cartridge. Some you can easily maintain without tools. 

Getting a water filter is not a easy task because water can affect. Thus, it must take considerable amount of research before you install one. 
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