Plastic particle in bottled water

Bottled water is a convenient option option if you want to get drinking water. But do you know that about 90 percent of the bottled water contain micro plastics?
Although scientists have not confirmed the influence of these plastic particle to human body, the harm it brought to our environment has already caused a lot of pollution. It takes thousands years for a water bottle to dissolve. However, people keep manufacturing new plastics bottle. What's even worse, one report pointed out that the production of one liter bottled water tank requires at least 17.5 liters of water in the process. After the bottled water is out of the production line, it needs to be transported, racked, and refrigerated. The process also increases the carbon dioxide emissions.

There are more and more bottled waters on the market, some of which claim to have special affects whether it is natural mineral water, the deep ocean water, energy water and even electrolyzed water. These kind of water may be beneficial to our body, but it is actually unnecessary.
The plastic bottle uses a lot of plastic materials, and it takes hundreds of years to dispose of it in the environment. Many plastics bottles are mixed with marine debris, polluting the marine environment, endangering marine life, and bird life. It is also possible to circulate through the food chain and enter the human body to affect health. Also, bottled water is about 500 times more expensive than tap water. Buying bottled water is not only harmful for our environment but also for our body.
If you are afraid that tap water is not clean enough to drink, you can simply install a water filter. A quality water filter can ensure the cleanness of your drinking water and save you money than buying bottled water.
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