Where does drinking water come from?

When you turn on the tap, water seems to come up magically, like it is never going to end. The water comes out of tap is clean, but is it clean enough for us to drink? How did it go from that weird-tasting raindrop to the clear, odorless water that is sitting in your glass now? 

Where does our drinking water come from?

Our drinking water comes from lakes, rivers and groundwater. The water then flows from intake points to a a storage tank. Water at this point usually contain a lot of sand, dirt and other contaminants
Through different natural and artificial methods, water can be polluted by animal waste, industrial waster, garbage, pesticide, and so on. Therefore, water have to go through treatment plants to be treated.  

After water comes to treatment plants, it has to go through
several method to become clean water. First step is coagulation and flocculation. Chemicals added in the water bind with the dirt and other dissolved particles in the water, forming larger particles. Next step is sedimentation, during sedimentation, larger particles settles to the bottom of the water due to its weight. Then, the clear water on top will go through filtration to remove dissolved particles. Next, water go through disinfection to kill the bacteria in the water.

As soon as water go through all the treatment, it is then either transported to the reservoir or household through water pipe.  Although water has already been treated, it can be polluted during transportation before it reach your house. Water pipes are usually very long, old and not easy to maintain its cleanness. If water pipes are not cleaned properly, it can be polluted by bacteria, moss and other underground pollution. Moreover, water tanks that are used to store household water are usually cleaned once or twice a year. Some old house don't even clean their water tank regularly, so there are full of insects, dirt and other contaminants.

Water comes a long way from its original source through a series of water treatment to our home. Even though it was properly treated in treatment plants, the chemical used to kill bacteria will leave in the water and can be harmful to our body if the chemical content is too high. Also, the water pipe and water tank can contain a lot of contaminant. Therefore, it is recommended to go through another water filtration for your drinking water. A good water filter and ensure the quality and cleanness of your drinking water. There are many different water filter to choose from such as water pitcher, tap water filter, reverse osmosis system etc. 

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