Why do you need a shower filter

Have you even thought about how dirty your water are when you are taking a shower? Can you imagine your water came out of water pipes that are filled with moss, rust, dirt, mold and many other chemicals that are harmful to our body? These poisonous substance in water pipes such as metal, bacteria, moss and so on can easily get through shower head.
When we are taking a shower in a closed or poorly ventilated bathroom, the chlorine in the water vapor will hover in the bathroom. Then, we will inhale water vapor and a lot of chlorine. The amount of chlorine we inhale while taking a shower is far more than we intake from drinking water. The high temperature in the bathroom will open the pores of our skin, so that chlorine and other chemicals in the water will be easily absorbed by our skin. A large amount of bleach was added in our tap water at the source of the water plant to help disinfection and kill bacteria. However, when the bleach is added in the water, it produce chlorine. Even though chlorine can be use to sterilize water, it will also hurt our body. If you have sensitive skin, or if you are easy to itch after swimming, then you may be allergic to chlorine. When we shower in a confined space, the longer we shower, the more the amount of chlorine is inhaled, which will cause serious damage to the body if we inhale too much. Chlorine will make your skin rough and easy to lose hair.

In order to solve this problem, you can install a shower filter. 

With a quality shower filter, it can help you to reduce unpleasant skin rashes. Some shower filter also provide essential oil to put in the filter. By using a shower filter, it can reduce harmful chemicals and bacteria found in water. Most importantly, it also decreases the risk of possible diseases.

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