Why do you need a tap water filter

Recent news report about water pollution raise people's concern about water quality.
The filtration process in water plant is not capable to produce clean water during flood or hurricane.  There are many types of water purifiers, such as water ionizers or RO (reverse osmosis) systen.
But these two methods are not cheap, sometimes you have to ask people to install the machine, even to drill holes. Plus, it is more expensive to change the filter of RO system than tap water filter, because you need to call maintenance
However, tap water is designed to be use in small family or personal use.

Why choose a tap water filter?

  1. Easy to install
    Unlike other water filter that need mechanic to install, tap water filter provides easy instruction that allow you to install it by yourselves. In this way, you can install it whenever you want without waiting for someone to install it. Not only is it easy to install, tap water filter is also easy to replace cartridge.
  2. Good for small family and personal use
    Since there are less people in the family, water usage is not as high as last week. Therefore, you don't need RO system or other water filter that are intended to filter more water.
  3. Cheaper than other water filter and RO(reverse osmosis) system.
    Tap water do not need electric and you can DIY it without paying installation and maintenance fee.

Our tap water filter has filtering function to remove impurities, odor and residual chlorine in the water. It also comes with hollow fiber membrane, which can remove the interception of harmful viruses and most bacteria in the water. This tap water filter has been certified by the government's environmental bureau's water-saving seal, which can achieve 81% water saving effect.

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